t5 swap

  1. T

    Newbie here>

    I have a 90's vintage Cobra Kit that I'm trying to finish - and stuck on the drivetrain.:oops: So stuck - I don't even know the correct questions to ask.... like I said - NEWBIE here. The previous owner sourced and rebuilt a 68 (C8DE-6015A block) 302 and collected most of the of drive train...
  2. Vulpes5.0

    Electrical AOD to T5 swap code 67, etc

    Hey all, I did an AOD to T5 swap earlier when my auto trans crapped out shortly after a rebuild, and i just recently begun to check codes and ended up getting a Key on engine off code 67 along with many other emissions related codes (previous owner yanked it all). I did the test with clutch...
  3. 1

    1965 Mustang 5 bolt 289 C4 to Toploader conversion

    I currently have a 1965 Ford Mustang that I would like to convert from a C4 to a toploader. However I have a couple issues with my upcoming project. The car was originally a 6 cylinder car and still has the original driveshaft and rear. I am not sure if these would need to be replaced for the...
  4. robthechemist

    Any benefit to upgrading the top loader bell housing to a T5 bell when doing a T5 conversion?

    Hello all. I have a 1966 with a 302, 4 speed manual. I am doing the T5 swap soon and am debating on using an adapter plate to connect the T5 to the original bell housing, or "upgrading" to the T5 bell housing. Is there any functional benefit to doing this or any negative to not doing it? I plan...
  5. R

    Driveshaft only slides in 1"

    I just did an automatic to t5 swap on my 2001 mustang 3.8. I got all the way done and then the yoke on the driveshaft will only go in about 1". the new trans is from a 97 or 98 mustang 3.8. does anybody know if the yoke is different between the older or the manual mustangs?
  6. wiseguyk

    Drivetrain T-5 Temporary Replacement Questions

    Hey guys, I recently had 2nd gear go out in my 91 LX and have been doing research on replacing the factory T-5. Since I'm swapping the stock engine out in the future, I am planning on getting an Astro A-5 but they won't be able to have any built until Jan/Feb. I really want to drive the car...