1. M

    For Sale FS: 2000 Mustang GT Track Car / 62k Miles / 5k on Motor / Full Roll Cage / California / $5,000 OBO

    For sale: 2000 Ford Mustang GT track car. Clean title, no accidents. Asking $5,000 OBO. Located in NorCal. Already fully set up, this car handles better on track than I ever thought possible. It’s faster and more fun than anything else for the money, and the welded-in roll cage with seats and...
  2. AutoClubSpeedway-Turn 4 (shot at 1221 PM).MP4-Sun-11-10-2019-05-40-19.mp4

    AutoClubSpeedway-Turn 4 (shot at 1221 PM).MP4-Sun-11-10-2019-05-40-19.mp4

    That s550 ain't no slouch.
  3. C

    Next Upgrade? (need Advice)

    I have a '90 Mustang LX 5.0. I've just gotten all of the kinks worked out and it's finally a reliable (all stock) car. The question is, with a track mustang build in mind, what upgrade should I go for next? Rear disks? 5 lug conversion? Suspension work? I've been stuck and don't know where...
  4. JTB

    Gt500 Thrashes Road Course

    Had the car our after a some weight reduction and it's flyin'! :canada:
  5. A

    SOLD ’94 5.0 Mustang Gt Street / Track Car, Sunset Orange; Asking $16,000

    asking $7,500 Dallas, Texas licensed for the street set up for the track/ready to race Complete engine rebuild last September; less than 100 miles since rebuild and NO track time. Installed Mahle forged steel pistons, new rod main bearings, oil pump, timing chain and gears, water pump...
  6. Z

    Expired Want To Trade Wheels/tires For Stocks+cash, Good Deal!

    Hey fellow mustang owners!! I am in a sad situation, I need tuition money for school. I have decided to sell the wheels/tires from my stang. This is a great opportunity for you out there who want to upgrade your mustang but don't have the money for the full price of a new set of wheels plus...
  7. B

    Need New Track Tires...

    I'm currently running Toyo R888's on my 2007 Mustang GT, road race set up, 275/40ZR 18. I'm looking at Nitto's NT01's and 05's and Sumitomo's HTR Z II. Does anyone have any experience with these tires? Thanks, Betty Ford