1. Mexidankus

    Drivetrain AOD valve body on 4R70W

    Hi guys as the title says I'm trying to build myself a full manual automatic and I was wondering since the electronic bits are pretty much in the valve body and not on the actual case could I simply bolt on an AOD valve body onto my stronger 4R70W?
  2. J

    I'm A Newbie To Late Model Mustangs...several ?s About My 98.

    I have a 98 GT 4.6L, it had an automatic in it and somebody has put a 5 speed in it. I need to identify the transmission. The bellhousing looks like it unbolts from inside of the bellhousing. The car is still together and running. The drain plug is towards the back of the transmission, pointing...
  3. S

    T45 In A Late 01-02 Mustang Gt?

    So my tremmec 3650 is going out in my GT at around 125k the cluster gear is rattling all over the place. I found a T45 local for a low price around 90k miles. Now I was wondering being an 02 would that transmission go right in? He said it's already been swapped out from mechanical speedo to...