tremmec 3650

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    2001 Mustang GT Transmission Craziness

    Good Morning Everyone, I figured I would make a post about this and see if anyone else has had this happen. I have a Late 2001 Mustang GT and I believe my car has the T45 transmission. The issue is my car is the late 2001 and the vin even says it should have the T3650. I have had the car the...
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    T45 In A Late 01-02 Mustang Gt?

    So my tremmec 3650 is going out in my GT at around 125k the cluster gear is rattling all over the place. I found a T45 local for a low price around 90k miles. Now I was wondering being an 02 would that transmission go right in? He said it's already been swapped out from mechanical speedo to...