trick flow

  1. S

    Does the 302 boss big bore come stroked already?

    I have been planning on going all motor 400whp, the boss 302 looks good for the price but is the big bore 302 boss out of the box ready to go? if so what cubic inch does it come in? and which forged stroker kit is recommended for it?
  2. elio3848


    I have a 1995 mustang gt automatic with a built engine, it has a 331 stroker kit, stage 2 trick flow top end kit that comes with the trick flow stage 2 camshaft and full exhaust with x pipe high flow mufflers and around 10.5/1 compression. I just bought this car and the past owner gave me 2 SCT...
  3. N

    Engine Top End Opinions

    So I am about to start modifications soon, trying to decide between the Trick Flow Track heat stage 2 kit or piece together an Edelbrock RPM2 and Edelbrock parts mimic the Trick Flow kit. What are your thoughts?
  4. T

    Low Dyno Numbers Help!

    hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction. So over the past month are so I installed trick flow twisted wedge 170 heads along with and Anderson n-41 camshaft in my 93 cobra. I had matt moss port my lower cobra intake to match the heads. Here’s where I’m stumped.. I took the car to...
  5. L

    Fox My 90' Turbo Foxbody Build

    Hey all, this is my first post and it's going to be my build that I will be doing soon, I keep getting told by my friends that I need to post my builds so they could potentially help others with my findings and tricks i've learned. So a little about the car(3rd fox), it has a slightly cracked...
  6. Alex Bearden

    How Much Power??

    Hey guys, this is my first thread here, I have a 1994 GT with a 302 bored to a 308, I was wondering how much power I would be making after the following mods that have been done.... Trick flow top end kit, flow master exhaust with original 40 mufflers, BBK longtubes, BBK 70mm throttle body...