1. J

    Fox dipstick not going in all the way

    1992 GT, bbk shorty headers. dipstick tube has no odd bends or anything. i think the dipstick goes down all the way through the tube, but doesnt go further into the block. now i have no way of checking my oil. any solution?
  2. Sun Dropsz

    How To Make A Dipstick Tube For A 351w Without Buying The Ford Racing Swap Kit

    I called Jegs, summit, lmr, dorman, cj pony, Ford dealership and all them other online vendors. From what I've been told Ford doesn't make dipsticks anymore for early 80s crown vics which is very understandable. And these online vendors will NOT sell you the dipstick and tube.They want you to...
  3. N

    Does Bbk Still Suck?

    I just bought and installed BBK long tube headers on my 2 vavle. They seemed pretty good. But I just looked on some of the forums and everyone's saying they are garbage. But those posts where 4 years ago. A lot changes in 4 years, sometimes. A lot of things don't...I'm wondering if anyone has...
  4. A

    Exhaust Hello Everyone, I Need Help With My Clutch Replacement.

    Hello i have a 1999 mustang gt i just got, it has BBK long tube headers, i got the bold taken out from transmission now when i came to the point of dropping the transmission the passenger side of headers is stopping me from complete taking it out what can i do i need help should i unloose the...