1. N

    foxbody microsquirt no start

    I'm having some trouble with my new microsquirt install. Setup is a stock 302 with a mild cam (I'm guessing e303) and 1.7 rockers. I was able to get it running yesterday and it fired up several times no problem and ran very smoothly. I started messing with the idle and calibrated the tps, but...
  2. a91what

    Service Provided Megasquirt ECU support and Tuning

    I can help with aftermarket standalone ECU installations troubleshooting and tuning. I am in the Tampa FL area, but I can provide support anywhere in the world remotely I have helped guys as far away as Hawaii. I offer tuning classes and can do full tunes as well. -Classes are one on one to...
  3. a91what

    Megasquirt/tuner Studio Tech Thread

    This is where I will be posting tech articles. I will try to be as detailed as possible with these writeups so that you can understand the what and how of MegaSquirt/Tuner Studio. I hope to do one writeup a week detailing a specific area of the software and I will include some hardware writeup...