weird noise

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    Weird noise coming from under the middle of car? 01 Mustang GT

    So I've been having this weird noise for a while. Doesn't sound like it's coming from the engine, there's no check engine light, just an annoying sound, can't really tell if it's some sort of worn out bearing or rattle going on but it's sounds like a a high pitched "dee dee dee dee dee dee dee"...
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    Right rear clunk when hitting bumps

    I know there are multiple other threads talking about noise in the rear but none match my specific issue. So I decided to make a new thread. I’ve got a 2017 gt performance package with just over 20k on the clock. When I go over bumps, speed bump, pot hole, plate in road, the car makes a clunk...
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    Mystery Drone

    I’m getting a droning noise when driving. To clarify, it only starts around or above 40mph never below and only when under power. If I touch the accelerator I get the drone, if I let off it goes away. I get it ONLY with the accelerator being pressed above 40mph, no other times at all. Can’t...