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  1. K

    Hello from Indianapolis!

    Heyo! I'm 21, she/they, originally from San Diego, CA! I just recently bought a 91 fox gt. I've wanted a mustang my whole life and I'm so excited to finally have one! show me pictures of your mustang!! :D
  2. ProjectValkyrie

    Hello From California

    Hi All new member. 2nd time mustang owner 1st. Was 1966 mustang V8 conversion 2nd and current project is a 92 v8 Notchback mustang. Current mods : Maximum Motorsports : Full length Frame connectors, rear control arms, panhard bar, K member brace, strut tower brace, CC plates. BBK: Lowering...
  3. T

    15k for upgrades

    I have a 1994 Mustang gt and I want to start putting on some serious performances parts but I don’t know where to start. Suggestions on performance mechanics and performance upgrades are needed! Remember that if you tell me about a mechanic make sure they work near me, I’m from Thousand Oaks...
  4. T

    Roush Value On A 06 Roush S1?

    Hey I'm buying my first car and I caught a ride around base today in a guys 06 roush stage 1. I thought it was amazing so I asked him if he ever thought about selling it. He said he would take 12000 with 89000 miles on it but isn't actively trying to sell. just wondering if it was a good price...
  5. A

    New To The Forum

    Whats up people, New to the thread however I have had my 99 Stang for a while now. It started off as my fathers and we worked on it together. Now he gave it to me so I can work on it with my son.