1. T

    Luggage Rack Spoiler

    Looking for leads on a spoiler for my 1988 Vert. Car has luggage rack, and I am looking for one that will install without removing the rack. New or used, I can work with either. Let me know if you have any leads.
  2. T

    Wing and luggage rack

    Anyone installed a wing like this with their luggage rack? I want to put on my 88 LX vert. Do you remove the last set of rails? If so, does this cover the holes? or does it mount onto the rails?
  3. Bobby E

    For Sale Saleen Spoiler For Sale

    I've had this spoiler on my 2003 Gt for a while, the car is garage kept so the spoiler minimum to no fade on the paint that I can notice. It has no rear third brake light, and no cut out for the trunk key. It will also no include any screws for attachment so you'll need to find screws to attach...