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    96 Mustang GT Gauge Cluster Replacement with Unknown Aftermarket Speedhut Cluster (Information Needed)

    Hello I have a 96 GT Vert and the stock cluster works perfectly fine. However, the car came with this aftermarket cluster, and I know basically nothing about it. The previous owner said it was a cobra cluster but I can tell it isn't. I have no idea what year it is from, and can find no...
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    Electrical 89 fox 5.0 crank no start when cold

    Little info on the car, I have a 89 Foxbody 5.0 AT car originally a 5.0 car but motor has been swapped with another 5.0, unknown when. Car sat for 10 years under a family members barn. Rats chewed several spots in wiring harness so I replaced that with a good 'ol ebay special (probably not the...
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    Electrical 92 lx convertible

    Can anyone identify the 3 wires with plug dangling over my battery tray. It goes into the headlight harness.