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    What's it Worth? Is this 2000 Mustang with Mach 1 engine swap worth the price?

    I found a guy selling this project car. It's a 2000 Mustang with an '04 Mach 1 engine swap, with 136,000 miles on it. It needs new struts, which I can do fairly easily, and some other cosmetic work. All is sound with the vehicle mechanically, as far as I know. So, I ask, is this car worth the...
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    What's it Worth? should i buy this fox body and what should i ask

    wanting to buy this fox body. any helpful info on buying would be appreciated.
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    Worth Buying 2007 GT Premium?

    Hello all, I am new to this forum looking for some of your thoughts/advice. I'm looking at buying an '07 GT Premium for $8,785. 118k miles, 3 previous owners, clean title. The dealership told me they recently replaced the clutch and flywheel. I want to know whether this would be a good purchase...