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Sep 21, 2011
1 of 17 California Specials, verified by the California Special registry with full build sheet and numbers. Very well documented car, all service records and receipts available. You will not find a better documented car than this. This car was in the short film the "Exchange" in 2015. This amazing Mustang is also the cover and feature in Stang Magazine November 2017, and trophied at every single event it entered during the 2017 season.

Black exterior with black and gold interior and 6spd Manual Transmission. Dual power and heated seats wrapped in black leather, carbon fiber accents all around inside and out.
5.0L 302 Coyote motor pushing 640hp/590whp with the help of a Vortech V3 SI supercharger, FRPP injectors, 1 step colder spark plugs, BBK ceramic coated long tube headers and high flow catalytic converters, and tuning by Brenspeed. A head mod kit by Brenspeed was added to help re-rout coolant to the back of the motor along with a 160* thermostat and coolant additive. Odyssey Batteries P680 12lb battery replaced the heavy 45lb lead/acid battery. Hurst line lock with momentary switch on the shifter. Ford OE gold engine parts theme ties the engine bay and interior together by GR Hydrographics.

The exterior is accented with carbon fiber trim and the side scoops are a one off, hand made and welded to the body for a seamless look by Cross Road Customs of Oregon. 18x9.5/18x11 Apex wheels with gold/carbon fiber hydrodip by GR Hydrographics all wrapped in brand new Toyo R888R tires. New pads and slotted/drilled disks all around. Airlift Performance suspension with 30 way adjustable dampening and heim jointed Griggs racing lower control arms, relocation brackets and rear anti sway bar.

This car was built by Nightmare Racing U.S. of Oregon to push reliable power for years to come. This car was built to instill confidence in the driver that you are indeed one of the baddest cars on the road. If 640hp isnt enough, power can be increased to 700hp by removing the restricting 90mm intake filter for a JLT 110mm filter and adding a boostapump and tuning by Brenspeed. This car has out ran and out performed built GT500s, GT 350s, GTR-35s, and Vipers in the 1/2 mile top speed airstrip attack.




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