For Sale 1966 Restomod Coupe-5.0/4R70W-Tennessee-SOLD


Apr 5, 2019
Chattanooga, TN
Selling my 1966 Mustang Coupe with Explorer 5.0, automatic, 8.8 rear with 4 wheel disc brakes. About 5000 miles on the build. Recently back from a 3000 mile trip where I shipped it to San Francisco and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway to LA, then Route 66 to Missouri and back here where it averaged nearly 20 mpg (like 19.8).

Driveline-Originally a 6-cyl/3-sp it has been converted to a 5.0/4R70W 4-speed automatic from a 2000 Explorer (so GT40-P heads and Cobra style intake) in OBD2 form so it retains better diagnostics than an OBD1 Mustang setup and keeps the EDIS coilpacks instead of a distributor. New Motorcraft thermostat, water pump, Melling oil pump, pickup, and Cloyes roller timing chain. New Motorcraft wires and plugs. New crank trigger, cam position sensor and IAC valve “while they were off”. New Bosch O2 sensors. HiPo K-code exhaust manifolds (repros) with Arvinode chambered exhaust from Waldron. ’69 BB aluminum radiator with dual 2-speed Ford (Contour) electric fans. Explorer auxiliary transmission cooler also. New Continental belt, all Gates hoses, belt tensioner, and idler.

Suspension/Steering- Granada disc brakes on front with new rotors and new USA Timkin bearings. Rebuilt calipers and new hoses. Fox body brake booster conversion and SN95 dual section master cylinder. New custom brake lines front and rear. New (67L style-bigger output shaft) Borgeson power steering box with new MOOG tie rods/sleeves and a new drag link and idler. New lower control arms/ball joints, upper ball joints and MOOG upper A-arm pivots. Shelby/Arning suspension drop performed. New front springs and poly torsion rod bushings. New poly sway bar bushings. New shocks. New rear springs with poly bushings. Aluminum driveshaft. Narrowed Explorer 8.8 31-spline differential with 3.73 gear and Trac Lok with new Ford clutches and Motorcraft brake pads. KH 14x6 Magnum 500 style wheels with 215/70/14 tires plus 1 for a spare. Floor mounted parking brake handle from late Mustang.

Fuel-New 22 Gal (’69) fuel tank from Tanks Inc. with internal sump for Walbro fuel pump and an ISSPRO floatless sending unit. New fuel lines to the front.

Wiring-Trunk mounted battery with dedicated engine ground cable and disconnect. New aftermarket wiring harness inside with mini-fuses and also much of the loads put on the Explorer underhood fuse box/relay center. NOS Motorcraft ignition switch, new Delco headlight switch and dimmer switch. Hella H4 Halogen conversion headlights with relays for max power (and takes load off the headlight switch). New aftermarket tilt steering column. Has later F150 variable speed wiper conversion. Voltmeter instead of Ammeter in stock cluster. Warning lights for brake, alternator, oil pressure, and service engine.

Interior-2007 Mustang front seats (non power-but working lumbar) and seat belts with shoulder belts. Currently has a leather driver/cloth passenger in it. I have a matching cloth driver seat. Rear fold-down seat upper from 2000 Mustang (I have original upper). The lower is the original frame with 2000 cloth stretched over it. New carpet and door panels. New rear window rubbers. New window felts/"cat whiskers". All 4 window mechanisms refreshed and all new rollers. New firewall insulation. Heater box completely rebuilt with new brass heater core. Variable speed fan controller. Door hinges all rebuilt with new bushings and pins.

General-The body is kinda rough, but is roughly 97% rust free. Paint is good from 30 feet at dusk. Floor pans were replaced as well as both lower rear quarters and outer trunk pans and RH inner trunk pan. The core support and right front apron are also new. The right cowl has been repaired without removing the outer cowl but still leaks a little bit so it has a cowl cover. Most of these sheetmetal replacements were the Canadian parts if available, not Chinese ones. The rest of the outer sheetmetal is OEM Ford except the front lower valence and stone guard. Both front fenders have had their lower rear corners replaced. New front bumper (2004 vintage). Customized MonteCarlo bar and Heim braces to clear the 5.0 intake and coilpacks.

Lots of other small touches like better courtesy lighting, High brake light, LED bulbs, trunk light, vintage radio with new amp and 4 speakers, etc. To really complete it in its current look; it needs a headliner, windshield, and door seals. In short, an updated fun reliable car that turns heads but you don’t have to worry about every scratch or ding. It starts well, stops well, goes well. There is a build thread on it with more pics. Comes with a bunch of leftover parts including the original cluster in case you don't like the voltmeter and oil pressure light. $14,500 Located in Chattanooga, TN.


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