Build Thread 1978 Fairmont. I bet somebody back home’s thinkin’…I wonder why he don’t write..?

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Damn, didn't even take the post down? Just sold the Monster?

I hope the powers that be let you keep up this thread as documentation on the car.
When you get the car, of the empty engine bay would go along ways to assure long time members Mike is not pranking us again - and making them jealous.
And tell him I said hello.
i started a thread to test whether anybody here had anything to say about the interior of that car, because that’s what drew me to the car. when nobody mentioned the interior i was too far along in negotiating the sale to i said i can do without the japanesey power plant and 6 speed it’s the car an interior i like. i think it’ll do it justice to return it to its sbf roots though. He’s gonna pull the drivetrain, when that’s out, he’ll call me to vine and get it.

and i’ll have him send me a pic of the empty bay to appees the naysayers.
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I feel like I’ve been following close. Where did it say he sold the car???
That top headliner console was the last thing he was working on, and then he posted some pics of some pretty cool interior mods!
I feel almost cheated out of seeing Mike finish that car. We had almost completely opposite views but I liked the old basterd. Seems like a whole lot of guys from when I joined aren't here or aren't active anymore. Smh

Oh well....time moves on, right ?


You'll have a hard time keeping a captive audience with the Gila Monster. It's like the lead guy just left the TV show.

I've never seen a show end up better with a replacement actor inserted mid season. If Mike isn't coming back, I say, lock this thread and archive it. The new people checking in will have no idea the Monster was someone else's and they'll have no idea what Mike or you did to it up until this point. Hard custom shoes to fill. I'd let the Monster die off in our minds like the legend it is.

It's like taking Frankenstein from the Mad Scientist and putting him in an insane asylum with a doctor that wants to calm his spirit and give him a lobotomy.

Maybe y'all are the same person....maybe not. Let stop talking hypothetically and actually see some action. Show us pics when you get the car and proceed.

Hopefully, the Monster lives on but more than likely you'll try to change what Mike did to try and make it feel like yours. There's always an unseen headache when going behind others. Through the lack of attachment you'll grow overwhelmed with this project. The Monster will sit, torn down, and stripped out. Someone will come along and offer a fraction of what you paid and you'll sell it...or it will linger around for the rest of you life as the car that was....and someday will be again. Your next of kin will sell it for scrap.
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