Progress Thread 1978 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler..Somebody point me to a wall......I need to bang my head against it.

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CarMichael Angelo

I don't like your attitude, let me fix that.
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Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al
Ah, I thought it was given. You arrogant SOB, you.

You've watched what I've done, read what I've said, and interacted in different posts with me over YEARS, and you're just now coming to terms with the fact that I'm an arrogant bastard?

You thought some benevolent individual in admin thought I deserved a new screen name that somehow implied that I was some sort of artistic master..and used their cyber powers to change "mad mike" into " car-michaelangelo" because I somehow was being cheated out of a " proper" more befitting screen name?

that sht just don't make no sense.

Look up "narcissist".
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CarMichael Angelo

I don't like your attitude, let me fix that.
SN Certified Technician
Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al

I don't know if any of you have used/or plan to use this paint if you have a can on your shelf ( like I did), but let me forewarn better be a small project.

I don't think they make it anymore.

I had 2/3rds of a can in my cabinet. I've tried it before, but it's not the kinda paint that works for takes too freakin long to dry, and I don't have the patience to wait on it....I usually end up phcking up the finish as a result.

But....I got off early yesterday, I had a couple of hours before Kate would be home, so I figured I needed to find some small project that I could knock out quick, so that by the time I got done, she'd be home and want to eat. And THAT would force me to leave that sht alone.... so it could dry.

That was the plan.

Of the few remaining projects that could be considered small, and involved paint. The only one that fit that criteria was the grille and headlight bezels. The new overall paint scheme requires that I black those pieces out ( presently orange).

So,.i get the scotch brite pad, and spend the next hour scuffing. Once satisfied that I had uniformly roughed up every nook and cranny, I washed everything down in grease and wax remover, dried that off, hung them bitches up, tacked them off, and rattle canned their asses.

Right up until I realize that I was not gonna have enough paint.
And now it's 6:00 pm...Kate will be calling anytime now......

I read the can to see the rules about the recoat window ( some rattle can paints will not allow you to recoat the finish if you wait too long.)

The can says apply a second anytime.

Ok then, full speed ahead. I get in the car, OREILLYS is 15 minutes away..I get there,'s not on the shelf. I got this sht here, but now there's not even an empty slot for it. The whole thing has been re-merchandised, now full of various plasti-dip colors and special effect top coats...Freakin Oreillys.:nonono:

Advance is 10 minutes down the road, I stop in,........Same phcking thing.

Now I'm frettin'. What kind of paint was this sht, and could I spray some different semi flat on top that wouldn't ruin the base coat?

I decide to give it one more shot,....Home depot was only a 5 minute drive up the road...

They still have a can.

But now I figure I'm phcked anyway. By the time I get back home, Kate's car will be in the garage, and all this panicked driving around will be for nothing..But,...

When I get home,........

She's not here yet.

I dash down stairs shake the can for a minute, and lightly coat the two headlight bezels....And no sooner than I my horror...they both wrinkle like that wrinkle finish paint you can buy.

GOD DAMN IT!!! (I'm almost positive everybody in the neighborhood heard that.)

Now what? This sht was gonna dry and getting it off would be disasterous to the substrate finish...I had to wash it off before it dried. ( fortunately this is the junk that takes too long to dry)

It took a whole qt of acetone to get that paint washed off. Miraculously not harming the orange paint underneath. Once I got it clean, I was done however, as the phone that was in my pocket had already rang twice...Kate was on her way..

My hands were black, I couldn't touch my phone. I had to wash the paint off my hands now. And again, fortunately, there was enough acetone to get them to a respectable level where soap and a brush could finish up.

This morning I go back out. Lightly scuff the two bezels, wash the off, tack them down, and spray them for a third time..

There was enough paint, I'm not recoating them, and they turned out perfect.


As for the grille,..I didn't attempt a recoat last night, so it didn't need anything other than to be bolted back on the egg crate center section.. ( probably shoulda washed the Mississippi bug guts off before taking the pics),..only the outside frame got paint. usual fashion what should've took 2 hours, took 4.. What shoulda been done in one try took two.

Somebody needs to change my name.
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Dec 29, 2017
Long Island, NY
I’d venture to say that most of us have had many “do overs” “screw ups” “I can get it better than that’s”. Whatever you want to call them...... I’ve just accepted it as part of the hobby.
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