For Sale 1990 LX Coupe, Mostly Stock, Columbus, IN


Aug 13, 2018
Columbus, IN
Selling my mostly stock 1990 Mustang LX notchback. Runs and drives great. Originally a Texas car and was brought up to Illinois in approx. 2005 where I bought it from. In the 13ish years it was in Illinois it only had about 3000-4000 miles put on it so it saw very little if any of the elements. Strut towers are perfectly clean, 2 small rust spots (one about an inch long and an eighth of an inch tall on the bottom of the driver door, the other is right above the driver side taillight, can provide pictures of both).

When I bought the car it already had:

130A alternator (in factory housing)
Strut frame connectors (I think they're BBK)
Welded torque boxes
Sony aftermarket head unit
Electronic exhaust cutouts

Since I've bought the car:

New Ford Performance Plug Wires
New NGK Spark Plugs
New MSD Cap/Rotor
New MSD Ignition Coil
New belt
BBK Cold Air Intake
Hurst Billet Short Throw Shifter
New composite valve cover gaskets (cork gaskets were leaking)
New upper intake manifold gasket (since I was doing the valve cover gaskets)

The only issues I've noticed are the airbag light blinks on startup (pretty sure it's a bad clock spring), the switch for the mirrors is finicky, fuel gauge likes to jump around a little, and the tach reads a little unsteady.

Can provide an Autocheck report to show vehicle history and location history.

$8000 OBO, only possible trades would be for a clean OBS Ford.
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