For Sale 1991-93 Ford Factory Pony 16 inch 4 lug rims/center caps and tires


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Jan 18, 2019
Slocomb AL 36375
These 91-93 Ford Mustang GT 16 inch 4 lug Pony’s with center caps came off my 91 GT. These rims and center caps are in Show condition. I have kept them garaged since it was new. Great rims and center caps with 225/55R16 Triangle GT tires that still have good tread. You want find a better set of factory Pony’s anywhere. 334-618-2755, Scott, Slocomb, Al. $575.00
509975E0-0247-4B34-ADE3-7FF178CB0E00.jpeg C8305FD5-5F5C-45FD-9CFD-B91126D73526.jpeg 174FE671-C896-4EEC-B26E-02ED9E26C6EB.jpeg E32C2C13-6573-4DD3-9826-ED94B06561DD.jpeg
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