For Sale 1994 GT 5L Trickflow h/c/i Tremec TR3550 Saleen copy - $7000 (Ann Arbor, MI)


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Dec 22, 2016
Asking $7000 firm. Florida car with no rust and in great condition ready to drive anywhere.

Installed Parts:

Air Intake

BBK 8010 Mass Air Meter 76mm
Ford CX1842 IAC valve
OE AIT sensor
Professional Products 70mm throttle body
SR performance intake
Speed demon heat reflective gold tape


Centric slotted & cross-drilled front brake rotors (new OE pair included)
OE solid rear brake rotors
Ford OEM brake calipers
Ford OEM brake hoses
Hawk HP+ front brake pads
OPR OEM 17/16" GT Brake Master Cylinder
StopTech street performance rear brake pads


Autolite sn95 Water pump
Mishimoto upper radiator brackets
Motorcraft 180 degree thermostat
Motorcraft OEM all radiator hoses
OPR OEM replacement coolant reservior
SVE 3 core radiator


Tremec TR3550
Centerforce stage 2 clutch
Centerforce throwout bearing
Energy Suspension 61604 Transmission Mount
Ford 3.31 FRPP diff gear
Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
driveshaft spacer for tr3550
LMR 18 tooth Speedometer gear
Stifflers TR3550 Trans Crossmember
UPR adjustable clutch quadrant
UPR driveshaft loop
UPR Blu Thunder short throw shifter


BAMA sn95 SCT 4-bank elim chip with BlowBy Racing custom dyno tune (uninstalled but included)
Wiring heat cover for most engine bay wiring
Various wiring tidy up jobs


ARP engine hardware
Dayco 820K6 82" Serpentine Belt
Ford aluminum valve covers
Ford cobra intake manifold
89 foxbody pistons (forged)
Ford Racing underdrive pulley
deleted AC (all parts minus condenser core included)
Heads by Rick custom head porting
smog pump delete
Mobil1 M1-301 Oil filter
Motorcraft OEM PCV valve
Purolator OEM fuel filter
Trick Flow Stage 1 cam
Trick Flow Twisted wedge heads
Trick Flow push rods
Autolite OEM tensioner pulley
Autolite OEM idler pulley
BBK 302 upper intake manifold plenum spacer & gaskets
Motorcraft AIT Air intake temp sensor
Motorcraft most vacuum lines replaced
Scorpian roller 1.6 rockers


Bosch 15717 O2 Sensors
Flowmaster mufflers
Mac 302 long tube headers
UPR offroad X-pipe


hood pins
fiberglass cobra R hood
SALEEN rep sn95 front bumper
SALEEN authentic sn95 rear bumper
SALEEN authentic sn95 s281 spoiler
SALEEN rep sn95 side skirts
SALEEN authentic lower door inserts (not installed but included)
tanaka front tow loop
Beamtech LED headlights


Mobil1 Synthetic 5w30 engine oil
GM Synchromesh Trans fluid
50/50 coolant/distilled water mix
New diff fluid at time of rebuild

Fuel System

Ford Racing 24lb/hr injectors
Kirban Performance adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Walbro 255 L/hr fuel pump


Autolite 3924 Spark plugs
Autolite oem distributor
Ford PFM-302641 Plug wire separators
MSD 14230 Cap and rotor
MSD Blaster Coil
Taylor Spiro 8mm Spark Plug Wires


5.0 resto OEM replacement carpet
Auto Meter fuel pressure gauge
Auto Meter water temp gauge
Corbeau D828T seat rails
Corbeau RRS seats
Corbeau Drivers side seat rail extenders (tall person mod)
MDF/Carpet/Dynamat rear seat delete (stock rear seats included)
Hurst 5 speed delrin ball shift knob
LMR Billet Satin Pedal Covers
NRG SRK-174H steering wheel hub
NRG SRK250 Quick release hub
Pioneer radio/USB/Ipod Head unit
gas pedal spacer mod
Momo Retro 360mm steering wheel (stock steering wheel included)
Corbeau 7993 harness bar (included but not installed)


BBK Urethane front & rear spring isolators
BC Racing SN95 Mustang Coilovers
Ford OEM front spindles
Ford OEM inner tie rods
Ford OEM outer tie rods
Ford OEM wheel bearings
Maximum Motorsports rear springs 415-515 lb/in progressive
Team Z Adjustable rear lower control arms
UPR subframe connectors

Wheels & Tires

Firestone 245/45r18 firehawk indy 500
Firestone 275/40r18 firehawk indy 500
LMR Mustang Locking Lug Nuts
SALEEN authentic sn95 18x10 rear wheels
SALEEN authentic sn95 18x9 front wheels

Maintenance/modification record since I have owned the vehicle:

12/30/16: oem brake pads/rotors/calipers/hoses, brake fluid, wheel bearings, inner/outer tie rods, alignment

1/4/17: hurst delrin shift knob

2/1/17: complete diff rebuild all new seals with 3.31 gears

2/9/17: 4 new tires (FS indy 500 245f/275r)

2/28/17: new KYB rear shocks, Gabriel quad-shocks, bbk spring isolators

4/9/17: new msd cap and rotor, autolite 3924 platinum plugs, motorcraft wires

4/12/17: new water pump, idler & tension pulley, 89.5" belt, dayco oem rear springs

4/14/17: timing set to 10°, blowby dyno tune on SCT chip using QuarterHorse made 289/313

4/22/17: Taylor Spiro plug wires, moog 8594 oem front springs, kyb front shocks, billet pedal covers, gas pedal lift spacer mod, C&L intake

4/26/17: corbeau forza driver seat

4/28/17: amsoil ZROD 10w30 5qt, mobil1 M1-301 filter, GM synchromesh trans fluid 3qt, speedo gear for TR3550 with 3.31 gears

4/29/17: Centric drilled and slotted rotors, hawk hp+ front pads

5/1/17: alignment -2° camber/0 toe

5/7/17: Pioneer head unit, cleaned MAF, reconnected evap vacuum hose on pass side firewall

5/11/17: new o2 sensors

5/18/17: AC removal all parts in engine bay

5/20/17: tint removed

5/27/17: new speedo sensor (part on the trans)

6/4/17: rear seat delete, dynamat in trunk

6/11/17: Replaced vaccuum lines to fpr, pcv, brake booster; pcv valve and grommet, capped vac tree going to cruise, 2x prestone coolant system flush

6/15/17: SVE 3 core radiator, Motorcraft (upper/lower rad hose, bypass hose, 180° tstat, tstat gasket), fully distilled water with water wetter

6/21/17: gold tape on intake

6/26/17: OMP WRC-R driver seat

6/28/17: OMP side mounts with racecraft floor plate seat mount

7/13/17: momo monte carlo steering wheel, NRG short hub, NRG quick release

10/3/17: new OEM Centric brake master cylinder, replaced radiator water with 50/50 coolant mix

3/17/18: new upper intake manifold gaskets, evap vacuum hose, rear of intake manifold vacuum cap, injector wiring covers, Purolator fuel filter

3/27/18: amsoil ZROD 10w30 5qt, k&n filter 3001, corbeau rrs seats driver/pass

4/2/18: BC racing coilovers (8k/5k), team z motorsports rear lower control arms, quad shocks deleted

4/16/18: stifflers trans crossmember, Energy Suspension poly transmission mount, battery terminal cover

4/24/18: remove ebrake cable & bracket (interfering with driveshaft with BC rear springs)

4/26/18: replace BC rear springs (280lb/in) with MM prog springs (415-515lb/in) damping set to 15/20

5/5/18: reset idle screw, tps reads 0.95V, remove ecu tune chip

5/13/18: remove MSD 6AL

6/25/18: swap c&l for SR intake, BBK 24lb maf, new AIT sensor

7/20/18: brakes bled, hood vent cut, LED lights installed

8/9/18: mobil1 5w30 & mobil1 filter


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