For Sale 1996 Vortech Supercharged Cobra Convertible 80K Miles for sale - many upgrades - $10,500


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Apr 24, 2001

I purchased this car in 2001 with about 25K miles on it. All upgrades were done by the prior owner in South Florida - many by Steeda in Pompano Beach. The time has come for me to sell and find her a good home who can give her the TLC she needs. The car's first 8 years were spent in South Florida, with 4 of those exposed to sun. Overall, paint is in pretty good condition for a 22 year old car. A few scratches, many rock chips, but no real "damage" and there never has been. I want to be honest and just say that the best thing about this car, is I've never raced it and it has low mileage - just under 80K. It was my daily driver from 2001-2006, and then has been my toy - getting maybe 1,000 miles a year on it. Clean Carfax - no accidents. I had the rear bumper repainted and the right rear quarter panel done - both due to someone else backing into a pillar in a parking garage. So, the good is that it's a REALLY solid foundation for a car for someone able to do the cosmetic things or willing to look past them. The bad is the stuff I don't want to deal with any more and don't want to put the energy into fixing. The interior could use a refresh - driver seat has one small tear, and is quite worn. The passenger seat and rear seat is typical for the age. If I were to keep it, I'd do a new foam for the driver seat, new covers all around, and I'd probably do the carpet as well. The top is two piece - the piece with the rear window was replaced and is 10/10. The main part of the top has a small - 3-4" tear in it. I only drive in good weather with the top down. The steering wheel is cracked/faded, and I have never liked steering wheel covers. There is a leak, I'm told, in a gasket. The repair quote was several hours of labor, and just not worth it. The only symptom is a minor ticking sound. It has been like this for 20 years and never caused a problem. There is a parasitic drain that I've never found, but as long as the car is kept on a float charger or driven every 2 weeks, it's not an issue. The A/C doesn't work, but the compressor is good. Due to age, the O-rings probably all need to be replaced. I charged it, it blew cold, and promptly leaked all of the refrigerant. I have a video of the leak, and am told $300.00 or so for a line replacement will have it good as new. The left rear brake sounds like it's rubbing. Most likely an e-brake cable sticking. Lastly, the discs in the differential need to be replaced.

The good is quite a lot:

Vortech SQ Supercharger / T-Rex Fuel pump
MSD Ignition
New plugs/wires/belt <1K miles ago
Newer brakes and rotors - probably 10K miles ago
Newer clutch - replaced many years ago, but <15,000 miles ago with new flywheel and high performance Steeds clutch
Flowmaster muffler
Catback exhaust (not sure of brand)
SLP Cats put on <2K miles ago
SCT ECU chip
BBK Throttlebody
Cold-Air induction (K&N - rerouted to passenger fenderwell)
Rollbar - bolted to chassis/frame
Boost gauge / heads up Tach with shift light
Steeda shortthrow shifter
Shorty headers
Tall gears - probably 4.56 - possibly 4.10

I've never had it dynoed, but I suspect based on upgrades it's in the 450-500HP range at crank. It probably also has other mods I wouldn't know how to look for like upgraded injector. To the very best of my knowledge, the engine itself is stock. Most Cobra owners in the late 90s left the capable 4.6 alone, and did the build I've described above.

I've only attached one picture to gauge interest. I WELCOME all inquiries and comments to start a discussion of moving this car to a home that can take it one direction or the other - track beast or cosmetically upgraded weekend warrior. may be fine to someone just as is. Thanks for reading. I look forward to any questions anyone may have.


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Apr 24, 2001
UPDATE: I've purchased new vehicle, and this one needs to go. All reasonable offers considered. Feel free to show me comparable market info and estimated costs to get her back to tip-top to justify your offer. I will sell for a FAIR price, but it costs me $20.00 a month for insurance so, although my wife will be pi$$ed to lose her spot in the garage, I can't just let it go. Anyone in ATL willing to rent a cheap covered parking spot reach out! I'd much prefer to keep it, but I can't justify the typical storage fees. Email