1997 Merc Mountaineer drivetrain and Holley TXM 550-943


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Jan 27, 2007
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I'm not sure that this has been discussed here but I thought I would give it a shot.
I have a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer to be the donor drivetrain for a 1967 FB project. The PM fried out or something damaged the PCM harness causing it to burn up 7 4x coil packs which at that point made me throw in the towel. It was only burning up the packs on one side. Thes are the same packs used on the 1993 Mustangs with the 2300.
Good used 26 year old Mountaineer 5.0 harnesses are not available and yes, I could put in a junk yard or a used Ebay (SLL4) PCM but what's to say that would fix it.
Now I am looking at the Holley Terminator X max system #550-943 for my set up. It is for the 4R70W 92-97 transmission behind the 5.0. For those of you not familiar with the Holley systems this will control the engine and transmission. I'm also looking at the coil near plug add on that would use the 8 individual smart coils. The complete package would be over $2600-. Yes, a fair bit of money to spend in a 5 minute period.
I've done a little searching and found a 20% off time period in December when 20% off is available. click here> HOLLEYDAYS Does anyone know how to get a discount any other time of the year? Car club, or STANGNET discount? If not, I've decided that I can "moth ball" the engine part of my project until December.
Any info, input or comments are appreciated.
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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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I think that is what Matt had on his ll, he didn't have much good to say IIRC :shrug:
look for the hot rod lincoln thread in the nustang ll forums
Ahhh, sorry mustang ll.
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