2000 GT: interior refresh

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I had the motorsport B springs which were Eibach pro's on my Tigger car. I was never happy with the drop out of the box. I ended up cutting the dead coil off the rears and probably another half coil or so off the front to get the car to where I was happy with it. I went sportline when I did my wifes 00 GT which I was happy with out of the box. It should settle a bit more when you get some miles on it. Looks good :nice:
Picked up a couple Strattec replacement keys with Ford branding. $19 each key. $6 to cut the two of them.


Loaded up ForScan on my laptop, and 15 mins later I had three programmed keys. VERY easy to do and total cost was $46 for the two additional keys
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Ended up pulling the door panel out along with kick panel and door sill. I did a decent job cleaning those up, but they still looked a tad grimey.

Took advantage of the LmR 7% sale and ordered some more cans of paint. Going to prep this up and redye it.

My plan is the NOS carpet, redyed door panels, and sill/scuff panels and console should freshen up the interior. Already did the rear quarter panels.

Going to do the center bezel in silver like the IUP cars when I do the DD conversion and 01+ console. Still haven’t gone junkyard hopping yet.

You can see the grime at the rear top of the panel. It was much worse when i got the car. Going to clean up first with that Mold Armor spray first, and then prep for paint

Nice fresh door panel. Off to do the other side now

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Did the other side. Looked so fresh and new that I decided to keep going.

Everything removed is redyed. Gonna grab some plastic to mask off the dash and spray the light portion in place. Not going to do the dark portion. I don’t think pulling the dash will be worth it.


Once I get that all set, carpet and seats are coming out so I can install the NOS carpet and start to recover the seats.

Still haven’t gone to junkyard to get a parchment 01+ console yet
Springs/shocks were a slight deviation, but I’m pretty much right on track.

I like clean interiors. After this, only mechanical mod is to ditch the dorman aftermarket intake and get the ford Pi intake back on.

Finaly thing I’ll do here is cut and buff the paint. Really want to see if I can get the shine back.

We will keep it through next summer and then make a decision as to what to do with the car then.
Here’s a good pic showing the deep grime on these panels.

This is where the airbag sits. You can see how it’s clean and fresh under the airbag (to the right) but the main dash has deep grime in the texture. Despite many products used, I can’t get it out


So my solution. The prep is the longest part


And after
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