2000 GT: Steering

That's what I have a feeling this is. Haven't had time to dig into it to track it down, but looks like I might have to swap out the rack. I want to go through the steering shaft first however before deciding what to replace.
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Played with car tonight. It’s not the steering shaft/rag joint. Definitely the rack.

Hoped on Rockauto and saw they had a reman 2004 cobra rack (Cardone) for $250 (core included) or a wholesaler close out Cardone 2004 GT rack for $80 without core. I went for the latter.

Sucks I need to install and redo the alignment….grr.
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That's super cheap for a rack. I wonder of there is a sector shaft adjustment onside the rack like the old steering boxes. Would be worth tearing one apart to find out.
I’ve always wanted to tear one apart. Since this rack doesn’t need a core maybe I’ll pull the GT rack apart.

I do have a cobra rack on my shelf that is cracked where the hydraulic lines attach. Was going to try to repair this one day by welding some 6AN fittings on.

I didn’t buy the cobra rack because when the above cobra rack broke on my fox and I put an 04GT rack in, I didn’t feel any difference. From what I read on the road racing boards, the difference is more at high speeds where one would notice it. Since I won’t be doing that much, not necessary.
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We should post up all the steering ratios... again.

I don't recall the differences, one from the other. I'm pretty sure I still have my OEM 86 GT rack installed, street driven, can't recall ever having an issue or desiring something different.
When I replaced the original rack it had over 100k on it, O'Reilly's had two options I choose the quick ratio one and its still going strong.
When I took the old one out I measured the outter tie rods and installed them on new unit and never realigned it. No problemo.
All SN95 are 15:1 even the V6. The difference is stiffness in turning.

The story told me was all the old hens at ford in the 70s and 80s wanted overassisted steering. It’s when they all started to retire in the 90s that they were able to stiffen up the steering a bit.

I have an SPr-SJ in the car, I ordered a reman ZK rack.

I have a ZM in the Fox

Steering rack in hand. Not going to tackle it quite yet. Still want to see if this is actually the steering shaft first.

Been trying to get my hands on a Ford Racing 5-spd shift knob. Been looking for an original but decided to buy the LMR knock-off. As soon as I opened the box I was unhappy with it. Looks cheap and doesn’t even look corrects

Compared to my FR original in my Fox
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Hmm..what's funny is the aftermarket knob seems to match the leather boot in my Foxbody a lot better than the Ford racing knob. Also, the FR knob is dark charcoal rather than Black.

Maybe i should keep it and just swap the knobs
Scored another Gentex 453 mirror. Wanted it for the homelink garage door openers. This one had auto dim, compass and outside temp too. Same one as my Foxbody.

I’ll lose the interior lights on the original convertible rear view mirror, but I don’t drive at night and I can use the visors instead as I put LEDs in those

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