Progress Thread 2001 Bullitt #265 - Build Thread (LOTS OF PICS)


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Jan 14, 2019
Aptos, CA
Just been enjoying driving her around this summer... until this happened. Stranded! Was out filming some back country driving with the Bullitt and my new GoPro. Pulled over to swap out camera angles and wouldn't start. Starter is done for. Here is where I was stranded for a little bit.


Got her started with a push start and made it all the way home. Went on vacation and now back, with some parts on order. Coming soon:
  • New starter
  • New clutch
  • New flywheel
  • New shifter
Bummer! I'd put in a ACT flywheel and good clutch. I also like the MGW shifter (multiple adjustments). jmo
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When I was younger, reading forums and build threads and sometimes they would go dormant for several months before updates. I now know why that is the case, especially with project cars. Life just gets in the way sometimes, which is did for me. After a long 4+ months, the Bullitt is back on the ground and took her out on the maiden drive Sunday.

How she looked for the past 4 months


All the new parts:
  • Exedy Mach 400 Stage 1 clutch
  • Exedy Lightweight flywheel
  • SVE High Torque starter
  • Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
  • pilot bearing
  • throwout bearing
  • rear main seal
  • lower shifter boot


After the first drive, everything feels good with a couple of exceptions. The bite on the clutch is still pretty close to the floor. It feels like the clutch cable is pretty stretched. I already have in hand a new adjustable clutch cable, clutch cable firewall adjuster, and an SVE billet aluminum clutch quadrant to install this coming weekend. The shifter is also a little too notchy and difficult to get into first gear. I think I need to do some tiny adjustments on the shifter.

But very happy to have the Bullitt back on the ground and on the road.


The first drive since before Halloween!!!


** and I need to trim the shifter. The Bullitt shifter will not twist fully to the correct orientation of the numbers.
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About to embark on the next big project, and that will be replacing the suspension. Over the last few months I've amassed all the parts that I will need for this project. According to my dad and brother, the only thing that has been replaced on the suspension is the right front shock. Nothing else has ever been replaced. So i've been riding around on a factory suspension with 188K miles on it!!! No wonder she floats and bobs and weaves like a 1972 Grand Marquis.


Parts List:
  • Ford Racing "C" springs
    • I went with these because the Bullitt is low enough for me. Even know I have to be careful entering my own driveway to avoid scraping the exhaust as I come in.
  • Bilstein B6 shocks front, rear and quad.
  • Eibach sway bars, 35mm front and 25mm rear
  • Urethane sway bar end links
  • Maximum Motorsports HD Adjustable lower rear control arms
  • Replacement upper rear control arms
  • Moog inner and outer tie rod ends
  • Front lower ball joints
  • Urethane bushings for front lower control arm, rear lower control arm, front sway bar, steering rack, and spring isolators

Just before pulling into the garage to start the project, had to take the Bullitt to get the bi-annual California Smog Check. She passed! Which also means that she's been CA road legal for two years now.

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Front Suspension

All ready for surgery.


I've also made some good progress on the front suspension. All new inner and outer tie rod ends installed. Steering Rack bushings were replaced with Polyurethane bushings. I've installed the front Bilstein shocks. The front control arms removed, and dropped off to have the new ball joints replaced and new polyurethane bushings installed. Once I get those back, then it will be time to bolt everything back up together.

Check out these ball joints. They could have given way at any moment.

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Front Suspension - Completed

This weekend I finished up the front suspension and the Bullitt is back on all 4 tires. All new tie rods (inner and outer), polyurethane steering rack bushings, polyurethane control arm bushings, new ball joints, Bilstein shocks, Ford Racing "C" Springs with polyurethane spring isolators, and an Eibach sway bar.



Back on the ground and ready for the first test drive. The battery died so I had to charge it overnight. Will be taking the first drive later today after work. Looks like she is sitting a tad higher than she used to, probably due to the new springs that need to settle and the old springs that had settled way too much.


Here's the pile of old parts that came off the car.

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