2001 Cobra PATS 1:6 issue. HELP WMBURNS


Aug 18, 2008
Westland, MI
Ive been doing a bunch of reading the past few days and WMBURNS always is the most helpful so Im logging back in after 6 years or so and asking for help.

Just purchased this 2001 Cobra as a project so I only know what I can find from searching old thread post from past owners. The car came with no starter installed, battery cables not hooked up, fuel pump fuse missing.... It was turbo charged and the car has or had an aftermarket tune on it. I don't have the handheld tuner they used during the dyno.

2001 Cobra that has a PATS issue. Light flashes like crazy when the key is in the ON position. Leave it for long enough and the error code 1:6 flashes. Did some research and that means the PATS transceiver is not communicating with the ECM. The built-in cluster diagnostics shows a D262 SCP Communication bus error and 9681 which is the transceiver error. Not sure if the D262 is related or not.

I've read that when the pats is disabled, the light will flash like it is so I assumed it was normal before I got the car ready to test start.

Would appreciate any help especially if someone has a cd service manual and can show any diagrams related to the PATS system.

Some more info:

  • I plugged in an old, unused PATS transceiver that is known good from my 2002 GT and held it next to the key and still get the flashing theft light when the key is turned to ON.
  • I can communicate with the ECM via the obd2 port and read and delete stored codes with a XCAL 2 (tied to my other Mustang).
  • The mileage is displayed properly in the cluster and all wires behind it look good.
  • The car cranks and I can hear the pumps prime and there is fuel pressure. I have power at the inertia switch in the rear with key on.
  • I verified there is no chip installed in the ECM and looked over the connections to it, but could probably do that again and make sure all is tight. There was tape over the chip opening so possibly the car had a chip at one time or used one during dyno tuning.
  • Wiring under the steering column looks good (PATS wiring) but I haven't checked the large connections between the column and dash.
  • Have checked all fuses that deal with ECM/PCM, CCRM, etc. At least I think so...
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