2005 GT - High Beams Wont Stay On


New Member
Nov 7, 2022
Newark, CA
I am having electrical issues on my 2005 GT. Low beams work. When I pull on the stalk, the high beams flash on for a moment, then headlights go completely off. I have checked fuses and swapped relays (with otehr relayed same type in the fuse panel- not new) and cant solve the problem. There is a similar issue happemning with fog lights too. (this is a Raush with upper and lower fogs.) Please help! I am thinking it might be the stalk, but dont want to go fishing if this is not the issue.
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Did you ever get this issue figured out? I have the same problem with my '08 Bullitt. I replaced the turn signal/high beam switch which did not solve the problem. I have checked the fuses and switched the relay like you said you had done. This thing is driving me crazy.