2014 Mustang GT Inquiry on Tuning


New Member
Jun 19, 2019
Hello Stang Net Community,

I am both a new member here as well as a new owner of a 2014 Mustang GT. One of the main reasons I decided to get a Mustang was because I knew from the offset that there’s an active community behind the scenes that’s always growing and helpful to one another so I am excited about that.

My car is essentially stock with just a roush axle back exhaust. I’ve been debating whether or not to get a tune since i’d like to open it up a bit and generate more power. I feel like my car is kind of caged in right now for some reason.

What I understood is that the tuning handheld devices come with pre-programmed tunes or I can ask the tuning folks to create a custom tune for my specific car? Is my understanding correct? How is it that, from a mechanical point of view, there can be a one-size fits all for such complex and intricate machines, won’t my engine vary from my friend’s? A little bit of clarification on the tuning process from A to Z would help me out a lot! I’m very new to this so apologies is my questions are kind of stupid.
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