2015 Mustang Gt Mrt Resonator Delete H-pipe Install Video

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Mar 5, 2010
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Mustang Racing Technologies HPMR1 Mustang Delete H-Pipe GT 15

Today we are installing MRT's stainless steel resonator delete H-Pipe fitting all 2015 GT Mustangs. One of the most common complaints of the new S550 is the resonator box that crosses the exhausts. This box is very heavy and very restrictive. The simplest solution has been getting an aftermarket cat-back system, but this can be rather costly. Now thanks to MRT you can delete the resonator without having to replace the entire exhaust.

Available only at CJ Pony Parts, Mustang Racing Technologies, aka MRT, has engineered this Resonator Delete H-Pipe that easily replaces that bulky and restrictive OE Resonator. Manufactured completely out of CNC mandrel bent 304 Stainless Steel tubing, this H-Pipe will bolt-in place once two simple cuts have been made and the OEM segment is then unbolted and removed. The new H-Pipe will reuse the two factory clamps found on front and MRT will supply two new clamps to use on the rear section after the applicable cuts have been made.

Installation is pretty simple, remove the factory exhaust, cut off the factory resonator box and clamp on the new h-pipe, no welding required. The whole process can be don in about an hour in your garage or driveway and the results are amazing. As soon as you fire up the engine, even with the factory mufflers, your Mustang will sound much louder and more aggressive, like the muscle car that it is.
After installation your Mustang will be ready to hit the road, no tune is required with MRT's Resonator Delete H-Pipe.

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