2015 Mustang Gt Mrt Resonator Delete With A Variety Of Exhaust Sound Clips.

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2015 Mustang GT Ford Racing Sport Axle-Back With MRT Resonator Delete H-Pipe Sound Clips

Mustang Racing Technologies HPMR1 Mustang Delete H-Pipe GT 15

Roush 421834 Mustang Axle-Back Exhaust Stainless Steel GT 2015

Ever since we put the Roush Axle-Back exhaust on our 2015 GT, a lot of people want to know how does it sound if you have a resonator delete with it. We recently installed MRT's resonator delete h-pipe on our GT, so here are some sound clips of how they sound together. The combination turned out to be extremely pound and very aggressive.

2015 Mustang GT Ford Racing Touring Axle-Back With MRT H-Pipe Sound Clips

Ford Racing M-5230-M8TC Mustang GT Touring Axle-Back Kit 2015

2015 Mustang GT MagnaFlow Competition Axle-Back With MRT H-Pipe Sound Clips

MagnaFlow 19103 Mustang Competition Series Axle-Back GT 2015

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