2015 Mustang Steeda Extreme G-trac K-member Brace Install Video

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Mar 5, 2010
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Steeda 555-5532 Mustang Extreme G-Trac K-Member Brace 2015

Today we are installing Steeda's Extreme G-Trac K-Member Brace on Bill's 2015 Mustang GT. The Extreme G-Trac Brace, also known as a K-Member Brace, is a direct bolt-on addition to your 2015 Mustang and provides greatly improved front chassis stiffening. Steeda designed this brace to help reinforce the K-member and help maintain proper suspension geometry when cornering.

This helps strengthen the connection between the control arm mounts and the rear of the sub frame. This makes the load path more direct, and gives much more effective chassis stiffening.

Installation is very simple and can be completed in about half an hour. G-Trac K-Member brace does a terrific job stiffening up the front of your Mustang. A strut tower brace is recommended as well to help tie everything together.

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