2015 Mustang Steeda Front And Rear Sway Bar Kit Install Video

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Steeda 555-1017 Mustang Sway Bar Front And Rear Kit 2015

Today we are installing Steeda's front and rear sway bar kit on our 2015 Mustang GT. A great way to improve the handling of your Mustang is with a quality set of sway bars. Whether you take your car to the track or its simply your daily driver, this kit from Steeda is a great way to keep control of your Mustang.

This kit is designed to reduce body roll and increase handling. The included front sway bar is adjustable and the rear sway bar installs onto the factory rear sway bar end links. This kit will provide an increase in front and rear roll stiffness for a balanced handling package.

Installation can be a little time consuming, especially removing the factory front sway bar, however with a little help you can complete the installation in a little over an hour. Once on though you will definitely feel the difference while driving, particularly when cornering.

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