26 years!!!


Active Member
Sep 15, 2020
Caddo Mills, TX
Has been 26 years since I have had a foxbody, well any mustang!! Took the plunge yesterday and bought an '89 GT roller. Have a 306 with forged pistons being built. Have all my bolt-ons in boxes at the house, Twisted Wedge 170 61cc heads, 1.6 TW roller rockers, F303 cam, Comp Cams double roller timing set, RPM Performer intake with 1" spacer, 70mm On3 turbo kit, Holley Super Sniper EFI. Still needing to get oil pump, timing cover and water pump. Have a C4 with 2800-3200 converter. Roller has subframe connectors, k-member front, southside lowering control arms 3.73's, draglite wheels, 6 point cage. Looking forward to this build.
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