Progress Thread 2nd Fox Body - Enjoying the car this summer!

My Redline Goods shift boot showed up early, so I got that put in yesterday.
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Just an update on my 5-lug/ brake/ suspension/ wheel&tire/ rear end upgrade:
I couldn’t be happier so far. The car steers and handles far better than before. I haven’t played with my adjustable shocks/struts, but so far it seems to ride pretty nice and not too harsh.
I do have some rubbing on full lock, and also while turning as I exit a parking lot or driveway. I’m thinking of rack limiters to put this issue to bed. (Cheap easy try to see if it fixes it)
Braking is better than before, but I’m still playing with the proportion valve. I upgraded the MC, but stayed with the OE booster, as some have done on ‘86 and were happy. I’ll revisit this again if I pull the motor and have the room to properly “reconfigure” the shock tower for a larger booster. For now though, I’m confident it will stop when I want it to.
My biggest worry was the rear end, having never done anything like that before. So far I don’t hear or feel anything bad. I’ll pull the cover after 500 miles or so, and see what I have. I promised myself I’d buy a nice aluminum cover/girdle if my gear change proved that’s still a wait and see..... and hopefully no metal in the fluid.
As far as wheels, I originally wanted to go with LMR’s FR500 replica wheels, but COVID/ supply chain/ people getting paid to stay home/ whatever the reason..... they were not available when I wanted them. So I went with black bullitt replicas, and I love the look!! Sometimes things work out for the better!!

I guess my bottom line is...... anyone thinking of doing this type of work who hasn’t before....... it’s all just nuts and bolts. Take a little time to read, and watch some videos, and then have at it! Yeah, I spent some money on tools I may not need again (but hopefully do in another build) but I can say I did it myself, and that satisfaction alone, is worth the price of admission!!
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Finally got the shop to get my inspection done! All legal again for another year!
It was cold this morning so I had the windows up, and I really noticed for the first time how much quieter it is inside the car. Between the frame connectors, sound deadening, and just tightening up various loose things in the dash/ console/ door panels, it’s starting to not feel like a 30+ year old car.
Once I get my hatch hinges done, those rattles will be gone too!!
I think maybe this winter I’ll use the remaining Kilmat to do inside the door panels, and spare tire well if I have enough, and maybe quiet it down even more!
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That cold dry air must be making it fast..You can't spin the wheels yet because of the gears?
I don’t spin the wheels cause I don’t like buying tires!! Lol
Honestly....... if these gears hadn’t been given to me when I bought the car, I’d have gone 3:55. I’ll live with it for now and see if I learn to love it, or learn to hate it.
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Added a few rack limiters on each side tonight. Definitely had some wheel to control arm contact, so this should eliminate that.
I felt something today as I was turning in a parking lot...... hit an indent in the pavement and I could tell it wasn’t happy. Glad I caught it before any real damage!
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Ok....... so I’ve been reminded by @Jenny of the block (or @Potomus Pete ) that I haven’t done a proper update on all the work I’ve done over the past year..... And he’s right, and Thank You! So here goes.....
Rear end rebuild with new 3:73 gears, 5 lug with rear disc brake conversion with all new brake lines, all new springs/ struts/ bushings, rear control arms, CC plates and probably a few other odds and ends I’m forgetting.
First off..... I absolutely love how the stance came out. The adjustable rear lower arms from Maximum Motorsports were well worth the money (as are all the MM parts). The car sits just like unwanted it to. MM really does make quality parts!! Their stainless braided brake lines are top notch..... along with everything else!
The ride is not too harsh for my liking, and the car seems much more planted and in control than it was with my 30+ year old parts. Eibach pro kit, and KYB AGX adjustable shocks all around. (Haven’t played with those adjustments yet)
My calipers were eBay bought and refurbished on my workbench with all new pistons, seals, etc. It brakes way better than it did, and I have no complaints. After reading how a few guys left the original booster in their 86, and only upgraded the master cylinder, that’s what I did. A 1” bore master, original booster, and SN95 GT calipers all around. Maybe it would be even better with the larger booster, and maybe someday I’ll decide to find out!
My rear end rebuild seems to be doing well. (This was by biggest concern). I’ve never done anything like that before, but so far all is well. My first reaction after a few weeks with the 3:73 is that I probably would have liked 3:55’s better. But I have been babying it, so once I decide that the “shakedown” is over..... maybe I’ll like the 3:73 more.
I was originally going to go with LMR FR500 replica wheels. After being out of stock forever with no end in sight, I opted for their Bullitt replicas, with 245/45 Riken Raptors and I’m glad I did. (Yes, I went cheap on the tires). I love the look. I did need to add some rack limiters to stop the rubbing on the control arms.
As far as the rears, the 17x9 with 275/40 with quads flipped seemed to fit with no issues. I do notice the quads rubbing slightly on the main shock at times, so I may just remove the quads..... we’ll see. I guess it’s in the turns as the rear shifts left and right, because there is clearance as it sits still.
All in all, I’ll call it a success, and the fact I did it all myself makes it that much more worth it to me. Hopefully I get some more time to teat this thing out before the snow comes and the salt hits the roads!! Hoping to get enough miles of break in where I can drain the rear, see what I have in the gear oil (hopefully nothing) and refill for the spring! Stay tuned!
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Hangin in the garage tonight...... ordered some sheets of black ABS.
Started my template. I don’t know if it will work out, but I’m going to give it a try to cover the area between the nose and the radiator.
In my quest to get this cover done, I decided to buy the SVE radiator hold down first. That way I know exactly where I need to fill in. This will be a test to get it right and to what I’m happy with, but we’ll see how it goes.
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In my quest to get this cover done, I decided to buy the SVE radiator hold down first. That way I know exactly where I need to fill in. This will be a test to get it right and to what I’m happy with, but we’ll see how it goes.
This ABS plastic is proving to be harder than I anticipated to work with. I got my first piece cut out nice, but as I added the heat to make my bends, it started to warp in spots. I may give it another shot, but I’ll have to rethink about how I’m applying the heat.
Hey guys........ not going to start a new thread...... just need confirmation on a question.
Guy is advertising this old rear end as an 8.8. It was cheap, so I figure this would be a cool winter project..... tear it down, clean, paint and rebuild, and sell it.
But I’m pretty sure this is a 7.5” by the rounded sides.
Can you guys confirm?