Progress Thread 2nd Fox Body - Enjoying the summer!


Put lubricant all over the balls
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Took the car for a nice ride today. Really just been enjoying driving it lately!
I made a spare tire cover from some 1/4 mdf a while ago, but right now I have no spare. I hear the thing rattling constantly. Should I use some thicker material, or any suggestions on securing it? I had it velcro’d down before I did Kilmat, but I’m leary of attaching the Velcro back to the thin foil on the Kilmat. I feel like it will pull the foil off if I need to remove the cover. Maybe some 1/2” foam insulation around the perimeter of the board?
Long winded post for a real minor issue, I know! Lol

Make an insert that drops down into the spare tire well. A foam donut the right thickness


So while I wait to figure out my rear end issues
Dec 29, 2017
Well I didn’t get to as many shows as I would have liked, but I did enjoy the car this summer. I did meet up with @1hot87gt for a show, and his car is every bit as good in person as it shows on here….. probably even better.
My car has been running great and I’ve put some miles on it for sure.
I’m still debating on what I will do this winter, if anything, but right now on Nov 2…… I am thrilled that it’s still 60 degrees in the garage……. Which is kind of making me want to tear this thing apart.
3g alternator, MM strut brace, move battery to the back…… are all on the short list. New heads and cam to go with my waiting Explorer intake is the long list. We’ll see where this all goes….. if anywhere.
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