351C Engine Swap Motor Mounts


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May 17, 2021
1st time posting here. Hope I'm doing this correctly....

Need some advice on motor mounts for a 351C engine swap. The vehicle is a 1969 Italian car that used a Mustang drive train as original equipment. The original engine (that I do not have) was a 302 Windsor. I want to install a 1970 351C that I do have.

The original motor mounts were the Mustang light duty V8 type with the "L" shaped plate and vertical stud. The chassis half of the mount is bolted to a simple rectangular box welded to the frame rails. The Cleveland will attach to these mounts and the engine is correctly located, however I don't feel confident these mounts are strong enough for the additional power. I don't plan on pushing things too hard, but you never know.....

I'd like to replace the OEM "L" mounts with the stronger mounts that use the single horizontal thru bolt. The engine half of this type mount is easy to find. My question is what would be the best chassis half of the mount to go with? Looking for something simple that can be welded or bolted to a raised pedestal on the frame rails. Ideally the new mount would have the same installed height as the original mount so I can just weld/bolt it in. However I can fabricate a new perch if necessary.

Any suggestions?
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