4v build help

RJ Brar

May 27, 2017
Hello stangnet, looking for advice on my build so I have 96 Teksid block out of Lincoln mark. I have heads from a 04 aviator, and a crank from 98 cobra. And I have modmax connecting rods and speed pro L2623F pistons. My plan before was to run the Termi supercharger which I got for cheap from a friend. But I’m looking at everything else I need like the front timing cover and the pulleys and stuff and it’s just going to cost little more then I thought. So know I want to just build the motor with those parts but my question is since I have the 96 block with the newer heads which intake manifold can I run? And my plan is to just save up for a pro charger or turbo kit but I want to just build the motor and run it NA for now. Btw I’m already runing the 4v motor from the Lincoln in my foxbody. any advice on any other build ideas I would love to hear it. Thank you guys
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