What's it Worth? 5.0 Cobra intake

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I wouldn't get a cobra intake unless it was a tubular one and that would be for looks alone.
I picked up a trick flow street heat with BBK 65 mm tb and spacer used for $250 last year.
Depends where you sell it, fresh coat of paint and a new plaque some might over pay for them on face book or fleabay. Just be aware fleabay pretty much takes a 15% cut of the total shipped price. Last one I bought was a few months back mid 90's catalog cobra upper and ba smal baffle lower. Paid $220 for it. Never paid more then $300 for one and owned way too many of them, but lots of ppl have been overpaying for them the past few years and shipping those isn't cheap any more..
Clean it up with fresh paint and a new decal on top and list it on FB marketplace for $500-600 and I bet you'd get it. Unfortunately too many scammers on there these days so I'd just plop it on Ebay and price it to absorb the Ebay fees.
Unfortunately, I don't do social media. I can't seem to sell it for $300 locally, but then again I can't get $6500 for my fully running/driving, fairly clean rust-free carb'd '88 GT with a new T5Z transmission which comes with all the fuel injection stuff, plus all the foxbody parts I've collected over the years. The internet makes out like these cars are going up in value but the best offer I've gotten is $3000.