5.0 using oil

Jordan Warta

Nov 29, 2015
Got a 2011 Mustang GT from a dealer in November 2018, had only 43,000 miles on it. Now it’s at 61,000. I’m running catless midpioe, aftermarket exhaust, CAI and usually run a 91 octane tune. Anyways even before I put the tune in between about 6 months of driving after I got The car I changed the oil (Probably 6k miles), only half came out. That was red flag one. Then about 8 months later check the oil (probably 10,000 miles driving) and it was under the low mark on the dipstick. Had a mechanic check for
Leaks there were none. I had the oil changed about 3 months ago, I had the 91 octane tune in the whole time and checked the oil last night sure enough it was at the low point of the dipstick again, I added 4 quarts in it so that’s about how much I lost in 3,000 miles of driving. The car has a dealer warranty until 80,000 miles.
Anyone else have issues related to this? Car isn’t smoking or anything, no ticking either. Other than oil consumption it runs well and usually I don’t beat the car (most of the time).
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Put lubricant all over the balls
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
I'd say go to the dealer so they can perform an oil consumption test, however given your mods, the dealer will likely void any sort of powertrain warranty, especially with a tune on it.