71 Mach1 fastback A/C help


Sep 12, 2018
Fort Worth, TX
I am looking for advice. My 71 Mach 1 with 351W 4V (not original engine). I was told had AC (original Ford compressor) but when I got it the AC only blew air, not even cool air.
I took it to mechanic, not an AC mechanic. I asked to have it converted to R134. I should have investigated more. All the mechanic did was test for leaks and told me the system was empty but also found no leaks. He only replaced the 2 adaptors and with the AC turned off filled the system with R134. He told me when they turned on the AC oil blew out the clutch.
Now wondering what to do. I do know I need to take to an authorized AC shop. I don't need it to blow cold air but would like cool air.
Should I have the adaptors replaced back to original R12 and see if the clutch blow out can be fixed or spend the money and have the whole system replaced vintage air system?
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