Build Thread '83 T-top Coupe - I Want Your Opinions

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I think I've messed my pants
SN Certified Technician
Nov 28, 2015
Step one........make the deal for the paint job. A new TIG welder. Check

Step the work. Check

Step three.......Boss orders TIG.............I said, "Boss orders TIG"............helloooooooo?

Boss says he ordered the TIG two weeks ago last wednesday...........that's what he said.:nonono:

Yesterday I ask when it's supposed to get here? He tells me I need to talk to Lacy, our payroll clerk.

So, hey Lacy, where's my TIG?:chin

She tells me it should be here next week. When she ordered it TEN days ago they said it would take about two weeks to get here.:cry:


So next week now.

What have I done while waiting? I've been working a lot every day. This is very good news. Bigger paychecks.

I needed new tires for Booger's Btch (my Ram 1500).

So I got a nice set of Bridgestone Duelers. This tire is really wonderful.

It was raining this morning......again!:fuss:While I was waiting for the tornado warnings to end the fellas in the local tire store put my new tires on. Notice it seems a little wet in the pictures.

The Murder House is up on a hill, all roads to it climb upwards. I needed an AT tire for next winter. Maybe we'll see some snow next season.

It's funny how you don't notice how bad the old tires are until you get a new set.

It sure is fun, btw, to blow a thousand dollars and not need any credit!:nice:

The wait for my TIG is beginning to be like waiting for the new Tool album to come out:nonono:.