86 GT t-top value


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Nov 11, 2019
I ran across a pretty nice 86 GT /5 speed today. 70k. Car has no rust and is all stock southern car. It has been painted and look very well taken care of for its age. The car will need a clutch and has a slight pulsating idle. Overall the car ran well and the interior is in good shape. I’m having a hard time with the values of the fox mustangs, and was curious to get anyone’s thoughts on the value of a car like this.
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Very small rust spot on hatch seam
Very small rust spot in one lower door seam
No other rust detected anywhere, car had been under coated.
Ac was not cold-compressor kicked on though
Heater core by passed - leaked at some point
Idle fluctuations and slight hesitation at low rpm
Engine bay no rust and looked to be untampered with
Car had been painted, not high end.
Either rear main or front trans seal leaking.
Interior was faded some in areas, but overall everything worked and did not show signs of excessive wear or scratching for age
Not sure if the car needed a clutch or a new cable, clutch released near floor
Car showed 70k which seemed in line with its overall condition. Car ran and shifted smooth, no knocks or noise from underneath.
The idle, clutch ,oil leak and heater core were of concern to me as far as additional cost short term. So what s the car worth assuming these items were corrected?


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