Expired 88 Gt Vert 600 Hp T56 For Sale Or Trade

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I hate to do this, but I am putting my vert up for sale. It has been my shop project car for over 16 years now. I just decided that it was crazy to let this thing sit while I am working in Afghanistan. The car just sits and that’s doing it no good. My fiancé does not want me to sell, but she can’t drive a stick either, so we think it makes better sense to sell it off. I AM NOT DESPERATE TO SELL, so no stupid low ball offers. It can sit for years for all I care. Just would like to see someone get it and enjoy it.

I am asking $16,500 as she sits, and $18,500 with the SHP block installed and tuned.

So here are the specs:

Stock block machined by me,
Align honed
Decked parallel with mains
Bored and torque plate honed
Coated cam bearings
Brass core plugs
DSS main support (block was align honed with girdle on)
ARP main and head studs
Probe forged steel crankshaft
H beam forged probe rods
Dished .030 forged SRS dished pistons, 9.5 cr
Assembly balanced by me to 28 oz
Complete assembly blueprinted
Moly file fit rings
Clevite 77 bearings
Custom grind cam by me for supercharger application
FRPP roller lifters
FRPP spyder and dog bone kit
TFS pushrods
TFS Track Heat heads, no porting
TFS R Box upper and lower intake in black
TFS 7/16 stud mount roller rockers, the good crane gold ones, in black
TFS valve covers, in black
ARP stainless intake bolts
Chrome dual sump oil pan and new pick up
Melling oil pump
ARP oil pump driveshaft
Racemaster balancer
Racemaster billet gear double roller timing chain
New timing chain cover from Ford
New water pump
FRPP hardened cam retainer plate
ARP cam bolt and Crank bolt
Cometic Head gaskets
FelPro gaskets everywhere else
Accufab 75mm throttle body and spacer
Billet egr block off plate
Chrome throttle cable bracket
Chromed factory thermostat cover and bolts
MSD billet TFI distributor
TFS spark plug wires


T56 Viper spec trans kit from D&D
SPEC stage 3+ clutch and pressure plate
SPEC steel flywheel
New throw out bearing and pilot bearing
New clutch fork
Steeda clutch cable, adjustable
UPR quick release quadrant
UPR firewall adjuster
Longer speedo cable from Ford
D&D weld in trans crossmember for T56
Dynatech aluminum custom driveshaft with new T56 yoke
Billet blue thunder shifter
Chrome hurst handle and white 6 speed knob
Hurst boot assy for console
PA steel block plate, goes behind flywheel and between engine and trans
ARP flywheel bolts
New pressure plate metric bolts

Rear Axle
8.8 fox housing with welded axle tubes
9” moser housing ends, welded on and housing straightened with jig
Moser 31 spline 9” axles with new 9” bearings installed, new
Eaton 31 spline posi unit, new
Cobra disk brake brackets machined to clear 9” ends
TFS rear housing girdle
FRPP 3.73 gears

UPR K member kit, chrome moly K member, A-arms, coil over kit
14-150 front springs
MAC cc plates
Tokico D spec adjustable struts
New polished Summit power rack and pinion assembly
Braided stainless return line for p/s
New pressure line for p/s
New tie rod ends
94 spindles POR15 painted
Cobra front drilled rotors
Cobra calipers
Braided stainless brake hoses from MM
New large piston master cylinder
MM 3 into 2 m/c conversion kit
FRPP metering block kit(removes residual pressure valve and proportioning valve)
WilWood adjustable proportioning valve
Rear disk brackets flipped and moved inside on housing for fox width axles,
Machined for 9” ends (wheels don’t stick out)
Cobra rotors painted and machined
Rebuilt Cobra calipers and brackets with new pads and anti rattle clips
FRPP caliper e brake cables (ebrake works)
Ebrake handle modified and FRPP adjustable cable installed
Lakewood lift bars rear lower c/a with i/c brackets
UPR street upper c/a
UPR spherical bearings for housing upper
Tokico D spec rear shocks, adjustable

Fuel System

Sumped new factory tank with single -10 outlet
Has -6 return where the factory fuel pump assy went in
-10 supply line to
-10 TFS fuel filter in and out
-10 line to -10 inlet Y to twin -8 outlets
Twin Walbro high volume/pressure pumps
-8 Y into single -8
-8 fuel filter for after pumps
Black pushlock hose ran to front of vehicle at framerail
-6 black pushlock return
TFS black fuel rail kit with SS braided lines
TFS black boost sensitive fuel pressure regulator mounted on inner fender
SS braided lines to rails, SS cross over
SS -6 return line to TFS fuel pressure regulator
SS -6 line to black pushlock at frame rail
60 lb injectors
PMAS 3” pro tube cal’d for 60 lb injectors
All black fittings
System is very quiet and will support upwards of 800 hp

Power Adder

D1SC ProCharger
3 row sheet metal intercooler
Completely polished blower and all brackets
12 rib drive system
Makes 13 psi at 5500 rpm’s and 600 hp.

Chrome A/C p/s bracket
Chrome p/s pulley
Polished a/c compressor
Billet Dayton Performance Alt bracket(eliminates tensioner on accessory belt)
PA performance 3G polished 170 amp alternator kit with wiring
Chrome water pump pulley
Mini battery in trunk with billet battery tray and hold down
00 battery cables run from trunk forward

Cooling system

Currently has stock new fan with new clutch
FRPP aluminum radiator
Stock modified fan shroud
Custom sheet aluminum overflow tank
I have, but not installed yet,
New Large aluminum radiator
Twin 12” fan system
Two fan controllers, one for high speed, one for low
Car does not run hot, but fan noise is irritating to me.

18” chrome Saleen wheels with brand new tires
Pioneer head unit with USB port in face, CD player
Two amps and single sub in trunk, all speakers in doors, dash,
And rear panels have been replaced with new. Sounds great


Rear saleen spoiler, not a replica, original saleen
BOSS inc 2000 R hood
Custom paint with custom stripe and touches on rear cover
Convertible top is custom, uses same material as BMW and Saab, was 2200 bucks
New white vert top cover for when top is down
Glass rear window was replaced when top was done
Power top works great
New windshield to replace scratched and damaged original

Bassani ceramic coated 1 ¾ headers
Custom X pipe to clear T56
New Dynomax Exhaust cat back
All 2.5”

White pleather seats, freshly redone 92 style GT seats front and back
Have blue piping to match blue dash, carpet and console
UPR billet switch knobs and panels all over interior
Power windows, power locks, etc all work
White door panels, and seats, rear panels all in g/c.
Custom made 3 gauge pillar panel with Dynotune digital fuel pressure, boost and Wide band.

Tuned by Dayton Performance Motorsports, has gasoline tune (550hp) and E85 tune(600 hp) and E70 tune for occasional winter driving on A9L computer. Car runs and drives exceptionally well. I have taken it on nice weekends for long cruises around the tri state. Not much trunk room, lol, for clothes and such, so only short trips.
As you may have guessed, I own a speed shop and this was the car that got it all started back in 93, I bought the car in 92 when it was 4 years old off of the lady next door to me. Car was originally an auto, and I did a complete swap to manual, can’t tell unless I told you. I am sure I have left out a lot, but you get the picture. I built this car to be a fun cruiser, and well, it kind of got away from me, lol. My lady loves it and we have had some really good times driving around in it, but I feel it would be better in someone elses care.
I also want to offer the option to the lucky buyer to have a Dart SHP block installed with all the current components including new rings, bearings and gaskets for extra money.

I am asking 16,500 as she sits, and 18,500 with the SHP block installed and tuned. I would then be able to spin it up to 6k or so, which would make more boost and you guessed it, more power. I am also open to partial trades or more than one car traded in. I know this is a lot of money, so I want to make it easier for the motivated buyer to into the driver’s seat. The sale comes with future parts discounts and dyno time if the original stickers on the car advertising my business are left on it.









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