93 LX Brake Questions


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Sep 13, 2020
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If i can jump in on this thread
1993 LX 5.0 'Vert - after too much reading i'm taking a stab at it, any guidance/direction would be appreciated.

Front setup -
94/95 spindles
93 Cobra Booster or 94/95 Booster (would the rockauto version work that is mentioned in the OPs thread)
93 cobra MC
3 to 2 block for line adaptation
ford racing proportioning valve
North race cars big brake 13" kit

Rear Setup -
Complete rear setup (Cobra -i want to retain Fox offset) - north race cars - 11.65 rotor
Rear hard lines and stainless steel (benefit to getting these or?)

I am unsure of the piston setup on this to figure out the surface area for front and rear, anyone have insight? Haven't called them yet but wanted to verify if possible.
Running 17x10 and 17x9 4 lug chrome SVE Pony's right now w/245s all the way around, will sell those for 5 lug
Not thrilled about buying the same wheel in a 5 lug, but i like the look.

seems like even piecing this together i can get a BB setup for about 800-1000 or so cheaper than the SVE kit from LMR.

If push comes to shove i can do it, but figured why not save a chunk of $ while i'm at it?
(now i just need to find a set of 94/94 spindles)

Thanks for the advice in advance -
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Feb 18, 2001
You can use the 93 Cobra 1" bore MC with that setup. It will work well. It's what I ran for years with the Sn95 booster.