For Sale '96 - '04 Mustang GT Throttle Body & Intake Plenum


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Oct 2, 2020
Hi all, I'm looking to sell a throttle body and intake plenum for an SN95 GT.

These parts came off of a 1997 Mustang GT with approx. 75k miles. I stripped both of them down to bare metal and put 2 coats of high-temp intake manifold paint on them. They came out great and it would really liven up an engine bay while keeping a nice stock look. I also cleaned out ALL of the carbon on the inside (see pics), so they're nice and clean and ready to go.

I purchased brand new gaskets for the throttle body to plenum, the EGR manifold, and the IAC valve and they will be included as well. I am also including the 5 bolts to mount the plenum to the intake manifold.

This listing is only for the throttle body and intake plenum. You will need to reuse your stock IAC valve, TPS sensor, and EGR valve.

I'm looking to get $75 shipped in the US for the pair.

I can also link to my eBay account where I have a bunch of positive selling feedback if that helps at all. Thanks!

Pictures are attached


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