97 gt advice to accommodate vortech s/c


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Sep 8, 2021
Hey guys, just ordered up a Vortech supercharger and I am unsure what the right route is to go with fuel delivery. Anybody have a similar setup? Idk what lb injectors I should get or what fuel pump(preferably something plug & play that will do what it needs to). Will a fuel pressure regulator be necessary? I've heard mixed thoughts on that. Someone told me they would not install a S/C without boost & fuel pressure Guages. Only other mods I may add in the future would be different gearing, + size throttle body & long tube headers. I know it's kind of a loaded question but some insight from someone with a similar setup would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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Mar 2, 2003
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Wow, not bad. I did cams in my old 96 with 150k+ miles.

While I don't have much experience with supercharger installs, the general consensus is 42lb injectors. I have a 255LPH Walbro in my car pushing 325HP to the wheels. Easy swap. That should suffice for you. My car has a stock fuel pressure regulator. As long as you don't tune it over 425 HP you'll be OK for a while on stock internals. The gauges are not a bad idea. The biggest thing after the install will be a tune. That's hard to come by since most shops have moved away from tuning older cars.

If you live in an area with bad roads and lowered car the long tubes will be a nightmare. They will drag. An alternative is shorties. Since you are going supercharged, you really wouldn't need the extra HP from long tubes unless you wanted to squeeze every bit of extra HP for a set up. My opinion a supercharged car will be fine. The only problem is sometimes you want more, in fact, you always want more. lol
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