Advice on buying 96 cobra


May 15, 2020
ok so inmm newer to the mustang world I have a 93 foxbody I'm building, but I came across a deal on a 96 cobra and not sure if I should pass it up. So I need some advice.

1996 cobra black with tan interior 56k original miles.
Vortex v2 supercharger with intercooler
Forged center pin pistons for boost application, sean hyland heads, Manley rod's gt 500 timing chains and tensioners polished crank and cams
Cam and crank are stock. Got some suspension work and gears. Got a full cage.
Guy says its making 600 to the wheels.

Anyways he wants 10k for it. Do you think thats worth it?? May sound stupid but like I said I'm new to the mustang cars especially the sn95s. I've looked online and some stock ones with that milage are like 15k. The paint and interior are PERFECT .
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