Drivetrain auto trans, filter, I.D?

WHAT Auto trans is in our 2011, V6 Mustang, the DSO code sticker says a '3', I know it takes 11.9 qts at servicing, but local parts store offer two completely different offerings on filters and one is strictly an in line filter? I'm no mechanical Dummy, but this WAS my wife's car only, and I bought every additional servicing warranty I could so she had everything done at dealership. Unfortunately ALL the warranties have run out ,and even more unfortunate is that my wife has left earth. I intend to do a full servicing of the car before putting it out there because it is in great shape. thanx in advance, Crossy
ya, TRANS filter. lol- I already bought the Ford FL2 fluid and Rear gear oil to service the car, so need to know what trans this car has and Based on the 11.9 qts. I have to assume that is WITH a filter change and since there is no dang dipstick and a filter can hold a whole quart in some instances, need to get this right . My local parts guy only shows a 6R80 trans but i thought that was only the V8GT models, and I'm a base(premium) V6 model.

David Young

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Sep 16, 2012
Clinton, Tennessee
Our v6's do have the 6R80 transmission. Just built a little weaker than the GT on the inside. A couple less friction disk, or something like that.

The transmission filter is on the bottom of the transmission after you remove the 'pan'. It's a long filter and looks nothing like our oil filters. It's well worth paying your local Ford dealer to do the fluid and filter change. I was going to do mine myself. It would have been a big mess, so I had my dealer do it :)