Bad MAF sensor


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Mar 29, 2020
yuma, az
So I was catching lean codes and had a hanging idle so I cleaned my MAF sensor with the CRC MAF sensor cleaner. I let it dry off and the battery was unhooked, Well when I put it back on, the car stalled immediately so i turned the throttle screw up. Well when it was running it started sputtering real bad and just spitting out white smoke out the tailpipes and smelled like gas. And hesitated when you gave it throttle and it eventually got worse where you could floor it and the RPMs would barely go up. So i unhooked the battery and the MAF sensor then after 30 min hooked the battery back up and kept the MAF sensor unplugged. The car still sputtered, had a hanging idle, ran like crap, but no white smoke. So what do you think bad MAF sensor should I just replace it.
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Nov 21, 2020
Hey 520Fox, No idea what car you have. I have a 2001 bullitt. I have a fuel trim problem. Car runs ok but with a lean code. What Im saying is that I have been studying this MAF sensor and symtoms. When you cleaned maf you might have introduced a vaccum leak. Make sure Maf is seated properly. There is at least one round rubber seal that fits bottom of maf (verify it is still there).. Make sure the wire sensors on maf are intact (check with magnifying glass.) Check your maf connection to make sure no bent connectors. Spray electronic cleaner on electical connectors and dry. Reseat connection plug. Amazon sold me a new maf for $60 free shipping. Check with Rock to get the correct part number before searching Amazon. Maybe a local vender might let you plug one in to see if new one works, or will return if it does not. Doubtful. Just a thought.