Best Cold Air For 2v?

Adam Dugger

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Nov 15, 2000
Long Island, NY
My 99GT is bone stock except for a MAC catback.. still stock cats, stock airbox with Motorcraft air filter and even has the intake silencer.. Back in the day I had a K&N 63-1008 Air Intake ( which replaced the air cleaner assembly but left the stock intake tube that runs between the MAF and the TB. I then put a C&L air filter cover on it to isolate it from underhood heat a bit better and it seemed to work well. I actually still have it sitting in the box, but the filter needs to be cleaned and reoiled. Anyway... since I'm enjoying the car again I'm thinking of swapping a cold air setup back on.. I'm not a big fan of relocating the filter inside the inner fender and I also don't want chrome or polished inlet tubes since nothing on the engine is as such or probably ever will be so I'm also looking at the AirRaid setup ( .

The AirRaid setup looks like OEM quality, fit and finish but is it worth it over the simple K&N setup I have sitting around? Maybe I'm off but it seems like a lot of money for a cold air kit but I don't want to cheap out and get subpar parts.



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Jun 2, 2005
Joplin, Missouri
Anything not make of metal will be what you're looking for. The BBK types that are metal heat soak bad and tend to hurt. Also make sure you get one that goes into the fenderwell and not one that sucks air from the engine bay.

I prefer JLT for fit and quality but they are pricey.