Best place to buy New Valves? Re-Building GT-40 Heads, need Valves!

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ive checked summit and Jegs,

Couldnt seem to find 1.94 Intake and 1.54 Exhaust valves for a SB Ford thats Stock length

All said they were .50 longer :shrug:

Does anyone know if Ford sells the replacement valves for there heads?

I really dont care who makes them,
MAN-11532-8 - Intake
MAN-11575-8 - Exhaust
Part numbers from Summit.
These should be stock installed height. The .050 longer tip just effects how you adjust your rockers. Should not be a big deal. I would use these.
As for springs, I'm not too familiar with those. I'm using the trickflow kit for stock heads.
Well I have a load of rocker shims that I havent used yet,

So If I get .50 longer valves id need to add .50 shim right?
anyone know how thick the shims are?

(Im talking about the Crane Cams Roller rockers as fitted to 93-95 Cobras)
You can't just add a .050 thicker shim, because that will raise the whole rocker .050 inches. That means the pushrod would also need to be .050 inches longer. So you need to add a shim to correspond the ratio of the rocker. I'm not sure the exact way to do the math, so I would just readjust the rockers according to the directions.
The shims would probably need to be around .018 inches thicker. If my math is right.
Who installed the rockers that are on there to begin with?
Since you want new valves, you have to pull the heads, which means readjusting the rockers anyway.
I'm not sure if you can get the standard length valves in a larger size.
I put the rockers on,

I had a look at the Ford Racing Website,
I seen they sold valves but theres something wrong with there website,
It wont let me search for anything
And It wont give me details of the valves :(

God all I want is a set of bloody valves, Turning out to be a nightmare
I had a look at summit

Only ones I could find were .50 longer than stock,

I really dont want to mess around with having to shim the hell out of my rockers and worry about getting longer pushrods etc etc

Also is there somethng I need to install a set of GT-40 Y heads to my block?
I heard somewhere I needed something?

Or is it a bolt on thing? No other stuff needed?
Ok, the valves are .050 inches longer, not .50 (1/2") inches longer. You can barely see this difference. You don't need longer pushrods. In fact, you don't need to shim the rockers if you don't want to, but you won't get the most power because they are not adjusted properly.
It's not a big deal, plus when you put new heads on, any rocker will need to be readjusted anyway. The valves from Summit are a good buy.
There is no way around it. Any roller rocker will need to be adjusted.
I use Manley valves, but I just got them from my machine shop instaed of Summit because they did some machine work on them.
I would recommend you buy the valves listed by Summit.
Just my opinion.

Edit: From the Ford Racing Catalog....

GT-40Y heads.
Will not fit 86 5.0L with flat top pistons unless notched for valve relief.
Check rocker arm clearane with stamped rockers.
Must use bolt kit M-6065-D289.
-So that means the heads should bolt on without a problem, but it seems the heads are drilled with 1/2" head bolts. So some ARP stepped bolts might be needed. Otherwise bolt them on and have fun.
Ok tips for shimming Rockers?

When I put these on I literally just bolted them on and seen if the car would start lol,

It obviously did and it actually made a difference,
I really could feel it,

Now when I put the new heads on what should I shim them to?
Or what to look for etc etc?
That was kind of lucky.
I don't have much expierience with adjusting rockers. But I do know that you want to set a certain preload on the pushrods, so to say.
For rockers without shims, you adjust them down until you can no longer turn the pushrod with your fingers. Then add a quarter turn. You have to do this when the valve is closed. Like when the cylinder is at top dead center on the combustion stroke.
For your case, I would assume you start with a large shim and go progressively thinner until you can no long turn the pushrod.
Or you can do a search, or post a new thread on how to adjust them, if you want to be sure.
I wish I had better advice for you.
Unless you are trying to get something exotic, like stainless or something, I would get the valves from the machine shop that is doing your heads.

You do need to pay close attention and get exactly the valves and stem length you need. There are any number of length and keeper groove height variations and locations on SBF valves. (Are you sure the stem length is .050 longer, and not just the keeper groove location?) Most of this stems from the use of the rotator assembly on the exhaust valves, making the stock valve grooves and springs different from the intakes, and sometimes, 351w's different from 302's.

There are also .050 offset valve keepers, etc etc, to fit this stuff together.

Otherwise, for just stock valve replacement, it would be best to let the shop do it all. I use the Speed Pro/Federal Mogul catalog for reference and shopping if I have to do it myself. Comp Cams tech help is also pretty good. The Ford Racing Catalog is a good reference, but you have to read it very carefully.